Chris Gayle’s Hilarious Reply To His Fan About His Beer

Chris Gayle’s Hilarious Reply To His Fan About His Beer
Image Source: Instagram

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Coronavirus outbreaks have hit cricket. There is nothing left but for the players to sit back at their home and wait for the situation to take shape. Meanwhile, Western Indian cricketer Chris Gayle has come out with a hilarious clip on social media that has ever gone viral.

At the moment, the situation is awful for human life on planet Earth. States are forced to take intense action of lockdown due to dire conditions. The virus, which is spreading at a very high rate, has made many people’s lives questionable.

The same is happening to the sports industry, with the Cricket Councils of the countries issuing directives to suspend cricket tournaments for some time until things return to normal.

Amidst the voluntary phase, many cricketers have shared hilarious videos for their fans on social media. Recently, West Indies left-arm batsman Chris Gayle shared a ticktack video on his official Instagram handle. The clip is so funny that an anonymous man asks Gale about his favorite beer. Soon, the cricketer will answer playfully – an open number.

Here Is The Video:

Everyone knows Gayle is a hilarious character, and he always comes out with some hilarious clips and comments on social media. Earlier, former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh shared a clip in which he found the West Indian cricketer trying his hand at telling Hindi dialogue. Gayle, who is regarded as a gem of personality, brings strength and positivity to any team he plays.

Gayle is scheduled to play for Kings XI Punjab in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League starting from March 29. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, things did not get out of hand, and the BCCI tournament had to be rescheduled in mid-April. Meanwhile, questions remain as to whether the cash-strapped league will stop or quit this year.

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