Chris Cairns Legs Were Paralysed After He Had Heart Surgery

Chris Cairns
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Former New Zealand player, Chris Cairns is currently suffering from health issues. In Sydney, he has undergone critical heart surgery and was put on medication. Just this week, though, he was discharged from the hospital and began communicating with his family. Cairns has arrived in Canberra, but he will require some time for recovery.

According to reports, the former all-rounder suffered a heart attack in his spinal undergoing heart surgery, which left him paralyzed in his legs. He is presently in a critical state and will be treated in an Australian spinal specialty facility.

On Friday, Chris Cairns’ counsel, Aaron Lloyd, sent a message to the news on the player’s actual health status. He also stated that the Cairns household appreciates all of the assistance they have received at this time and that more information on Chris’ health would be provided as needed. For the time being, Lloyd made it plain that the path to recovery will belong.

They also appreciate the way in which their privacy has been respected: Aaron Lloyd’s statement

During the life-saving emergency heart surgery, Chris underwent in Sydney he suffered a stroke in his spine. This has resulted in paralysis in his legs. As a result, he will be undertaking a significant rehabilitation process at a specialist spinal hospital in Australia”.

Chris and his family remain appreciative of the immense public support as they deal with this difficult time. They also appreciate the way in which their privacy has been respected.” the statement said.

Even as Chris Cairns heals from his paralysis, he with his family are planning on spending quality time all together. Chris and his partner Melanie have 2 small children who live in Canberra.

Chris and his family now want to focus on spending time together where possible and making whatever progress they can in his recovery. We will update everyone when there is more news, but that is likely to be sometime away,” the statement further read.

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