Can India Host The T20 World Cup 2021?

T20 World Cup 2021
T20 world cup 2021

India had successfully hosted matches against England during the pandemic in Chennai and Ahmedabad and has also shortlisted eight cities to host the T20 World Cup 2021. It failed to host a similarly successful IPL in India. Hence coordinating a World Cup featuring 16 teams will be a harder assignment again.

These scenarios have led to the below 4 major questions in front of us:

  • Can India host the T20 World Cup?
  • Will UAE replace India as hosts?
  • Will T20 World Cup Happen at all this year?
  • What the future for cricket hosting in India looks like?

We answer all these questions through this article:

Can India host the T20 World Cup?

The postponement of IPL 2021 because of rising coronavirus cases has raised questions about India’s ability to host the Twenty20 World Cup later this year. The BCCI gambled on hosting IPL 2021 despite the pandemic scare. But as COVID-19 cases increased closer to 400,000 a day across India, the tournament’s so-called bio-secure bubble was breached this week.

Players and team staff started testing positive for the coronavirus. BCCI had no other option but to postpone the IPL indefinitely on Tuesday. The BCCI’s inability to host IPL in India puts a doubt regarding whether it can host the 16-team T20 World Cup in October and November. Currently, the situation looks bleak for India to host the T20 World Cup this year.

Will UAE replace India as hosts?

Last year, the BCCI staged the IPL in the United Arab Emirates because of the pandemic. This year India wanted to bring the tournament back home, to show the world that it is ready to host even the T20 World Cup this year. But that plan has backfired spectacularly. The organisers had to suspend the competition indefinitely.

With IPL itself getting postponed, the BCCI has already suggested the UAE as the alternative venue for the T20 World Cup if things don’t improve enough for India to stage the tournament. Since UAE managed to host the IPL successfully even during the pandemic last year, it remains the favourite to host the World Cup.

Will T20 World Cup Happen at all this year?

T20 World Cup is essential as it ensures the participation of all global teams. The finance aspect of the World Cup is key to many small nations too. ICC will do everything possible to make sure that T20 World Cup is conducted this year.

What the future for cricket hosting in India looks like?

India has already reported more than 20 million COVID-19 cases, and thousands of people are dying every day. The possibility to host any cricketing activity currently looks very difficult in India.

Our Verdict:

Cricket and IPL did manage to bring a smile on tensed faces during IPL 2021, but currently, the world is way above and beyond cricket. The lives of people are at stake, if we win this battle, cricket may well take over later.

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