Can Delhi Capitals Exploit This Weakness Of Mumbai Indians?

Rahul Chahar, Pollard and Krunal Pandya are the weak links in the MI bowling line up
Can DC look to exploit this weakness of MI?

Mumbai Indians have steamrolled all oppositions en route their way to the final. They have not just been clinical but have been ruthless with their approach towards the game.

Their opening batsman even in absence of Rohit Sharma has set the stage for their other batters to take the mantle forward. Suryakumar Yadav has come of age and he along with Ishan Kishan have set the ball rolling for their other teammates.

Kieron Pollard and Pandya brothers have been on a rampage. They have been destructive individually and at times have fired in unison as well.

Jasprit Bumrah has been among the wickets and has given Kagiso Rabada, a run for his money in terms of capturing most wickets this year. Trent Boult has gelled in well and has formed a potent new ball opening pair with Bumrah.

So what exactly ails Mumbai Indians?

While all these factors have kept Mumbai Indians a step ahead of the rest, there is one thing which ideally should not have gone unnoticed by their rivals (Delhi Capitals) who would be facing them in the Finals and that aspect is their 4th and 5th bowling option.

Right until the last match, Boult guaranteed MI 4 overs day in and day out along with Bumrah and Coulternile/Pattinson. They collectively delivered 12 overs in total. Rahul Chahar, Krunal Pandya, and Kieron Pollard shared rest of the 8 overs. Boult and Bumrah have often made up for these misses but for how long?

But unfortunately, Boult seems to have had groin stress while playing against DC during the first qualifier. He was out of the field after delivering just 2 overs. This meant that the likes of Pollard and Krunal had to step up and complete their quota of overs.

If Boult doesn’t turn up for the finals owing to a fitness-related issue, then MI would just be left with Bumrah’s 4 overs of magic. And if DC can look to play him off safely they will have 16 other overs wherein they could target bowlers like Coulternile, Pattinson (who may potentially replace Boult, in case Boult is injured), Rahul Chahar, Pollard, and Krunal.

Can this prove to be a deciding factor?

This factor may prove decisive in the outcome of the game. It may well decide who becomes the IPL champion in 2020. Rest assured, Delhi Capitals would surely be looking closely at this strategy.


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