Brett Lee Slams ICC’s Decision Of Banning Rabada For Over-Celebrating

Brett Lee Slams ICC's Decision Of Banning Rabada For Over-Celebrating
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Brett Lee slams ICC’s decision

Former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee has slammed ICC’s decision to suspend South African bowler Kagiso Rabada for one Test due to his excessive celebrations while taking a wicket.

Brett Lee used Twitter as a platform to voice his opinion regarding the ICC’s decision. He tweeted that he understands that cricket needs to be played with the spirit of the game but banning Rabada for over-celebrating that too in a Test match thought it was ridiculous. Though Rabada pushed the boundaries before, there was no swearing involved and he is passionate, thus, Brett Lee didn’t agree with ICC.

Brett Lee’s support for Rabada

Brett Lee in unison with Michael Vaughan and South Africa head coach Mark Boucher voiced the opinion that they believe it to be part of the game. It happens sometimes when emotions and feelings overflow on the cricket ground when two teams are playing tough against each other.

Brett Lee’s opinion comes after South Africa’s fast bowler Rabada received one negative point for his behavior towards the England captain Joe Root. After clean-bowling the English skipper with a perfectly delivered ball, Rabada celebrated loudly and strongly within a minimum distance of the dismissed player.

Level one punishment for Rabada

Rabada accounted for himself a level-one punishment because of this over-celebrating behavior. The level-one punishment is for using any language or any gesture that is unacceptable or offensive or insulting, or any other behavior that could provoke an aggressive reaction from a player upon his dismissal during an international match.

Rabada also got a penalty of 15 percent of his match fee and one demerit point. It means he had made up four points which led him to be banned from one Test match. He will not get a chance to play in the fourth and final Test match in the ongoing series against England.


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