Best Cricket Bat For Hard Tennis Ball

Popular Cricket Bats For Hard Tennis Ball
Best cricket bats for hard tennis ball
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It is a widely believed adage that India produces batting heroes while Pakistan produces pace sensations. The observation isn’t totally off the mark. India has repeatedly produced batting superstars like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, and Virat Kohli. Pakistan on the other hand has produced bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, and Shoaib Akhtar. These superstars worked their way to the top playing through street (gully) cricket. Their academies have later gone to earmark them for future success. Let’s look at Popular Cricket Bats For Hard Tennis Ball.

What is an ideal player journey while coming up through the ranks?

Kids at the street cricket level often always pick up soft tennis balls to play the sport. These balls provide a true bounce. They are easier to grab at that age. The soft tennis balls take away the fear of a ball coming their way. They prepare the young kids to enjoy the process. Once these kids go through the rigors of childhood cricket, they start playing with the hard tennis ball. The hard tennis balls are a near replica of the original cricket ball. These balls hit the bat hard. They hurt the hands if not collected cleanly. Bowlers love bowling with the hard tennis ball. They often trouble the batsmen with both pace and bounce. 

Are there specially designed bats to counter hard tennis balls?

The tennis bats used to play with soft tennis balls are usually the lightweight ones. They provide great flexibility and aid bat swing. But they might not necessarily help while playing with a hard tennis ball. It is widely recommended to use heavier bats for hard tennis balls. The heavier bat will enable you to hit the ball a long way. Hard tennis balls often tend to skid on the surface. As a result, the batters get a lesser amount of time to adjust. To counter this, batters use hard heavy bats as they enable timing and stroke play. 

Popular Cricket Bats For Hard Tennis Ball

#1 ELEVAR Kashmir Willow

The ELEVAR Kashmir willow is the best-recommended bat for a hard tennis ball. They are meant for bare-hand usage. This willow is handpicked from the top-of-the-line Kashmir willow cleft. It weighs around 1175-1275 grams. They boast of a trademark ergonomic handle. The grip is made of special polyurethane. This ELEVAR willow is aerodynamic in shape. It is recommended to have around 500 knocks before carrying it to the ground. The sleek metallic blue padded bat case adds a beautiful dimension to the bat.

#2 DSC Intense Zing Kashmir Willow

The DSC Intense Zing Kashmir Willow possesses a high sweet spot. The bat boasts of a massive edge. It provides exquisite balance and provides great maneuverability. The toe guard provides moisture protection at the base. This is the bat’s major USP.

#3 DSC Condor Flicker Kashmir Willow

These bats come with thick edges. Their pronounced bows aid pickup. The cross-weave tape on the edges is meant for protection. These bats are excellent for powerful strokes. The treble spring Singapore cane handle provides shock absorption on impact with the ball.

#4 Heega Strokes Attack Kashmir Willow

These bats provide explosive power comprising thick edges and a huge sweet spot. This bat is hand-selected to provide the ideal weight for attacking batting. They are designed with a curved bow and a squared toe to increase the hitting surface area. The lower center of gravity facilitates unmatched balance and power distribution.

These bats are designed to last long. They go through rigorous lab tests thereby ensuring longevity and top quality assurance. The bats are imbued with a round cane handle with a slight curvature. This design ensures even distribution across the face of the bat enabling total control in shot-making.

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