Ben Stokes Appealed Umpire To Over Turn The Decision – James Anderson

Ben Stokes - Player Of The Year 2019
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The former vice-captain of England Ben Stokes asked the umpire to take away the four overthrows which ultimately proved decisive in England’s win over New Zealand in accordance with the James Anderson.

Ben Stokes made an unbeaten 84 to chase the score of 242 against New Zealand. Moreover, Martin Guptill’s throw in the last over of the world cup, when Stoke’s was about to move to the crease in his second run, hit his bat and diverted towards the boundary and went for a four.

Having taken into account the two complete runs and a boundary from the overthrow, resulted in six for England. Some of the experts have said, as the second run was an incomplete one they would have gone for only five, which would have made England with short of one run against the New Zealand 241 score.

If they would have gone for a five, the match would never reach a tie and Wouldn’t go for a super over, where both the teams went for 15 runs and England won the World Cup for boundary count.

Anderson, who will be the Stoke’s test team-mate for the upcoming Ashes series against England said that who apologized for the movement after the incident happened by raising the hands, had appealed the umpires to overturn their decision.

“The etiquette in cricket is if the ball is thrown at the stumps and it hits you and goes into a gap in the field you don’t run. But if it goes to the boundary, in the rules it’s four and you can’t do anything about it.” – Anderson told.

“I think, talking to Michael Vaughan who saw him after the game, Ben Stokes actually went to the umpires and said, ‘Can you take that four runs off. We don’t want it’.But it’s in the rules and that’s the way it is,” – Anderson added.

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