BCCI Will Not Suggest To Push T20 World Cup To Start IPL 2020

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The T20 World Cup Is Scheduled To Begin In October:

The Cricket Board of India will not push for a postponement of the Twenty20 World Cup in Australia. However, a senior BCCI officer told media that it would consider holding the Indian Premier League in the October or November slot if it becomes available.

The BCCI ‘s nearly $530 million IPL this year has been postponed indefinitely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, while the World Cup is in jeopardy as well, which is scheduled for October 18.

Australian media reports indicated that the influential board of India may seek to push for the postponement of the World Cup to open an IPL window. 

The International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting of the World Cup contingency plans would be on the agenda next week, but treasurer Arun Singh Dhumal of BCCI said India will not agree that they would be pushed back.

Dhumal said by telephone to Reuters, “Why should the BCCI suggest postponing the Twenty20 World Cup?”

We’ll discuss it during the meeting and (the ICC) will take a call, whatever is appropriate. 

“When Australia announces that the tournament is taking place and Cricket Australia is sure that they will be able to handle it, they will call for it. There’s nothing to say for BCCI.

Though novel coronavirus infections in Australia have slowed down and slowly ease travel curbs and social distancing restrictions, it will be an extremely difficult task for Cricket Australia to host a 16-team World Cup.

‘It All Depends On What The Australian government Says’: Arun Dhumal

Dhumal asked whether the game would proceed without the fans, and he said that the Australian administration would be instrumental in that decision.

“Everything depends on what the Australian government says about it whether they let teams play the tournament also allowed to come here,” he said. 

“Are games without spectators worth playing, does it make sense to CA to organize such a tournament? 

Chief executive Kevin Roberts of Cricket Australia was kept aware of the prospects for organizing the tournament on Friday.

“We don’t have yet certainty about that. But you never know what could be possible as the situation continue to change,” he said. 

“Ultimately, it’s an ICC decision.” 

The ICC reported that the destiny of the Cup will unlikely be decided until August, but some boards are in the process of making contingency plans in the event of a postponement.

While the BCCI acknowledging that an open window would suit the IPL in October or November, Dhumal claimed that it was futile to make plans until the World Cup is clear. 

“We will decide accordingly, whether we have the window and depending on whether it can be arranged,” he said. “We can’t assume that it’s not happening and go on planning.”

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