BCCI Organizing A Tournament Before We Play International Games

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The BCCI Could Organize An Intra-Country Tournament:

Bharat Arun suggested that before playing International Cricket the Indian Team would require 6-8 weeks of training and added that if the BCCI organized an intra-country tournament it would be “well” to do so. Arun also said that the defeat of the World Cup continues to haunt team India.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has brought the globe to a halt, has meant that players could hardly train outside apart from cricketers that do not play matches. After a 3-month break, teams worldwide are gradually going back to outdoor training, which is usually conducted on a one-on-one basis, to be careful and avoid the spread of the virus.

The long lay-off has left the athletes afraid the roost overflow and many suspects that exercises of high intensity will, in fact, cause players to suffer injuries due to the long break.

Bharat Arun, the Indian National Team bowling coach, stated that due to the sheer time they ‘d spent off the field, the team would need a camp of at least 6-8 weeks before they could plan to play cricket internationally. Arun also said he was grateful if the BCCI could hold an intra-country sporting tournament to get the players back into the grip.

To Win A World Cup, I Think We Need To Really Plan Well- Bharat Arun

“It would take at least 6 to 8 weeks for us to play international games. First, we will work on the skills and fitness of the camps, and then we will make progress in simulation matches. And hopefully, the BCCI will be able to organize the tournament before we play the international matches.

However, the bowling coach added that he was not too concerned about the bowlers against the general rule. 

“The bowlers have not worried me because in the last 2 months they had plenty of time to work for strength and fitness. Very rarely will an international cricketer get this sort of fitness time, particularly for our bowlers? It’s also a perfect opportunity for them to pass the little niggles and conquer them during the long seasons.

The Indian cricket team got its biggest disappointment in years when they were knocked out of the semis World Cup last year by New Zealand, despite being favorites. Arun said the defeat remains for anyone affiliated with the team until now. But the 57-year-old has shown that the side will do whatever it can next time, to guarantee that 2019 will never happen again.

“We are all wounded by failure of the World Cup. It always hurts us and we are likely to go out and see that we’re not left with stone unturned in the planning for the World Cup. I think we really need to plan to win a World Cup and how far we are implementing our plan.

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