BCCI Official On Player’s Salaries Amid The Postponement Of IPL 2020

BCCI Official On Player's Salaries Amid The Postponement Of IPL 2020
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The world is startled as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe. More than 7 million people tested positive, and more than 30,000 died worldwide. The impact of the epidemic is so serious that the world is in a state of lockdown due to coronavirus.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown in the country to address the pandemic. In addition to human existence, the epidemic has hit all major sporting events in the world.

The most anticipated season in the Indian Premier League has postponed to April 15 following the outbreak of coronavirus. However, considering the current situation in the country, the tournament could be stopped or delayed until July or September.

Many fans are waiting for the BCCI to announce an alternative window when the tournament can play by compromising some bilateral series later this year. Besides, the postponement of the league also hampered the fate of players who were part of an association that was cash-strapped.

BCCI searching for an alternate window to schedule IPL 2020

“The IPL payout system is 15% paid the week before the start of the tournament and 65% will be paid during the tournament,” he added.

BCCI Players Body – Indian Cricketers’ Association – President Ashok Malhotra

Ashok Malhotra believes domestic players will also suffer due to the ongoing scenario. According to Malhotra, local players will have to accept wage cuts if the losses eventually amount to tens of thousands.

However, for now, the primary concern for the BCCI is to schedule a highly anticipated tournament in an alternative window shortly. Another franchise official asserted that players’ salaries were not insured for a pandemic like COVID-19.

“We do not get money from the insurance company because there is no pandemic clause. Every franchisee has salary overheads of Rs 75 to 85 crore. How can we pay if there is no action,” the official said.

“Players are making wage cuts from the English Premier League, La Liga to the Bundesliga. Also, there is no certainty as to when things will be normal,” he added.

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