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The Big Bash League is introducing strategic time out the upcoming 2019-20 season.

IPL has two strategic breaks in each of the innings. But when it comes to BBL, the batting team will be allowed to choose time for a break between overs 7 and 13 for 90 seconds.

ICC has recently announced the introduction of multiple Super Overs in the event of a tied Super Over, even BBL has decided to implement the same in case any final game ends in a tie.

Alistair Dobson (Head Of Big Bash League) said, “We are always looking for ways to improve the competition for our fans, players, and clubs. The super over has been a discussion point globally after the ICC Cricket World Cup Final. We are pleased to have landed on a solution that provides teams and fans with a more satisfying outcome to a finals match.”

Moreover, if the Super Over of a group stage game ends in a tie, the points will be split between the two teams and there won’t be multiple Super Overs to decide a winner.

“The Strategic Time Out has been thought about and developed over the last couple of years, with input from key stakeholders in the game. We’ve seen the strategic time-outs used in other T20 competitions around the world, and we feel that providing the batting team with the power to call a time out will add an extra tactical dimension to the outcome of the game, with the priority of maximizing runs.” – Alistair Dobson said.

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