Bangladesh Players Fear Salary Loss Amidst Corona Sacre


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The Players Of Bangladesh are fearful of losing out their income if Dhaka Premier League does not continue for the rest of the season. As many as 60 players who are listed with the Bangladesh Cricket Board, have the sword hanging on their heads.

In a recent announcement by the BCB, 17 players were named who was in the Central contract list. The board also pays those players who play for Bangladesh but are outside the contract. They are paid when international matches are held.

Sources revealed that Board is all set to chalk down a list of 90 first-class cricketers who would be paid a monthly salary between BDT 20,000 to 30,000 ($250 to $375 approximately).

As if now there are 260 players in 12 DPL clubs for the year 2019-20 who bank on the league for income.

Each group has played only one match, of the agreed contract and is likely to be paid one-twelfth of the total promised payment.

Tushar Imran, Bangladesh’s leading first-class run-scorer was one of the prominent persons who voiced concern over this, in an interaction with a leading sports website he said, “We are uncertain about what is going to happen. But if do not get paid, we players will be badly affected by the virus.”

Leg spinner Jubair Hussain said, “I did not get teams in the last few years. Most of the time I had to play for free, this time I had joined Partex thinking that I would get handsome income by playing matches for them. But before anything could materialize all the matches got halted due to coronavirus pandemic.”

Matches Halted In Bangladesh:

The Bangladesh Cricket Board suspended all the forms of matches till 14th April in the wake of the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, which gets triggered due to mass gatherings. Apart from this, the government also announced holidays across the country till 4th April.


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