“Babar Azam needs to become a leader”- Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja advice to Babar Azam

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Former Pakistani cricketer Ramiz Raja has some piece of advice for Pakistani skipper Babar Azam. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced 26-year-old Azam as their all-format skipper after an impressive spell by the right-handed batsman in the leadership department. Azam has propelled well in his new role as he has already won four Test games and two ODI and T20I series each.

Ramiz Raja hands Babar Azam some advice

Ramiz Raja stated that Azam can become a successful leader when he interacts more with young players. Raja stressed the fact that Azam will have to start thinking about the long term goals.

“Babar Azam needs to become a leader and he can only become a leader when engages with the youngsters. He will only become a leader when he takes actions in accordance with long-term planning. We take one step forward and play two new players but also play four older players,” Raja said as reported by India News.

Raja, then, added that Azam will have to take chances going forward in his career as Pakistani’s skipper. Raja had a couple of more suggestions for him.

“He needs to understand that if he wants to become a good leader, he must, one, learn to take chances. Two, improve the selection, and three, observe how the modern leadership functions.”

“There is a lot of confusion because the roles are not defined. When you lose, there is a lot of chopping in the dressing room. We need to control the mood swings and everyone needs to understand the direction, especially Babar Azam,” he said during the interview.

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