Azharuddin Reacts To His Suspension By The HCA, Stating “Four To Five People Cannot Remove Me”

Mohammad Azharuddin Removed As HCA President
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Former Indian Captain Mohammed Azharuddin has split few words for Hyderabad Cricket Association after being suspended as a president. Board has given a reason that alleged violation of its constitution and conflicts of interest has resulted in suspension. Azharuddin reacts to HCA ‘s show-cause notice

I cannot be removed by 4-5 people: Azharuddin reacts to HCA’s show-cause notice

“Mohammed Azharuddin also made it clear that he was still in control of the body”.

Azharuddin reacts to HCA ‘s show-cause notice. Mohammed Azharuddin feels the other way that he’s targeted for doing good things in the association. A legal notice was issued to Azharuddin by the HCA Apex Council stating that Azharuddin is a mentor of Cricket Club in Dubai, by name Northern Warriors, which is unrecognized by the BCCI.

HCA Apex council has released a note stating – “Mohammed Azharuddin is a mentor of an unrecognized Cricket Tournament that comes under the ambit of conflict of interest as envisaged under Rule 38(1)(iii) of the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations-2018 of the Hyderabad Cricket Association”

On the other side, Azharuddin said four or five people can remove him from the post of HCA president since he an elected person.

Mohammad Azharuddin responded to this and said – “I want to tell you something, I am an elected person. Four to five people cannot remove me as a president as I’m elected by the general body. This is all bogus news. This is all illegal,”

He also added – “When they are already charged and under the scanner, how could they charge me? They go to court every day, not me. I didn’t do any misconduct; they are doing misconduct. As they say, empty vessels make more noise; that’s the case with them; the vessels have become empty. I am being targeted for doing good things for the association. I don’t want to do anything illegal, and I just want to do what’s good for the game of cricket.”.

I am going to start a T20 tournament for all 200-plus clubs, and from those who will play the tournament, they might play for India in the future. Those people are only interested in clubs and not in cricket

Mohammed Azharuddin calls all this a false statement and mentioned that he won’t stoop down so low.

I call this a false narrative because it is indeed false and slanderous. I did not stoop down to such low levels because I always strived to maintain the dignity of the office.

“If five members – John Manoj, Vijayanand, Naresh Sharma, Surender Agarwal, and Smt. Anuradha gang up and call themselves ‘APEX Council’; by what sense of interpretation is it justified? I call it belligerent posturing with scant regard for the rule of law,” the 58-year-old former batsman further stated.


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