Australian Batsman Keeps On Running Even After A Boundary

Australian Batsmen Keeps On Running Even After A Boundary
Australian Batsmen Keeps On Running Even After A Boundary

Cricket makes fans go crazy around the world with players being totally committed to the game. Players are cheered by the fans if they do well. If not, they make themselves laughing stocks when they fail to give their best.

Here is the incident at Sheffield Shield match where a player became a joke for doing more than what was required of him. It happened when the batsman edged the ball through slip cordon to the third-man fence, which gave him four runs. However, he kept running even after that and ran for two more runs.

The incident was posted on Twitter which took a funny way, “When the phrase ‘save your legs’ means nothing to you #SheffieldShield” – Cricket Australia twitted.

The funniest thing was that all this while his batting partner stood at the non-striker’s end, which made it even more hard to understand why he kept running.

The commentators burst out as they couldn’t stop their laughter and started making fun of the batsman. In the video, one of the commentators said: “you can’t get any more than four”. The other commentator hilariously told, “you just ran eight”.

After the batsman stopped running, another commentator tried to remind the batsman of the rules. He said, “Once it goes over the rope… game over”. The fun continued during and after the game.



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