AUS vs IND: Popular Celebrities React To Racism

Celebs react to racism in cricket
Celebs react to racism in cricket

The unwanted peril of racism abasing reared its ugly head at the SCG with Indian players, Mohammad Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah being the targets. The duo have been repeatedly taunted by a section of the SCG crowd for their descent, appearance, and looks. The Indian team had officially complained last night with Cricket Australia (CA) and ICC about this repeated racist behaviour exhibited by the Aussie crowds on Day 2 and Day 3 of the Test match. There was a section of the crowd who were at it again today and those sections of the crowd were immediately prosecuted by the security officers in the stadium.

How did popular cricketers react to this ugly episode of racism:

Former Australian cricketers, Michael Hussey and Shane Warne were very pretty severe in their remarks about the racism incident. The duo condemned the whole act which unfolded at the SCG. Michael Hussey was quoted saying, “It’s terrible behaviour and I can’t believe it’s still happening in this day and age. They should be banned for life from coming to cricket. The Indians have come here to our shores to entertain us, play some great cricket, we should be so grateful that we can watch some live sport. To treat the players like that is unacceptable.” While Warne observed that the wrongdoers must be punished extensively. He remarked saying, “Disgraceful to be honest, absolutely disgraceful. Should never happen, especially what’s happened in the last 12 months or so with everything else around the world. Let’s hope they come down heavy and find the culprits.”

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Legendary Indian batsman VVS Laxman opined that if players aren’t respected by the very audience watching it then there is no need for the audience to be present at the venue. Laxman shared his feeling in a tweet saying, “Very unfortunate to see what’s happening at SCG. There is no place for this rubbish. Never understood the need to yell abuse at players on a sporting field. If you’re not here to watch the game and can’t be respectful, then pls don’t come and spoil the atmosphere.”

While turbanator Harbhajan Singh who has had a history of rubbing the Aussies the wrong way conveyed his concerns about the whole incident. Harbhajan was quoted saying, “I have heard many things on the field while playing in Australia about Me My religion My colour and much more..This isn’t the first time the crowd is doing this nonsense..How do u stop them ??”

Swashbuckling former Indian opener, Virender Sehwag took to Twitter to express his shock. He stated, “Tum karo toh Sarcasm, aur koi Kare toh Racism. Very unfortunate with what some of the Australian crowd has been doing at the SCG and spoiling the vibes of a good test series.”

Tom Moody, a former World Cup-winning player expressed his displeasure about the entire episode.

Shikha Pandey, an active Indian woman cricketer urged fans to be thankful that they are able to watch live action and not jeopardise this opportunity.

Cricket expert Harsha Bhogle opined that the spectators who indulged in this mischief shouldn’t be allowed to the sporting venue anytime soon.


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