Ashes 2019: ICC Returns The Mocking Of England Fans

Ashes 2019: ICC Returns The Mocking Of England Fans
Ashes 2019: ICC Returns The Mocking Of England Fans
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Earlier when Steve Smith and David Warner were banned they had faced much criticism from the English fans. They went on with lots of mental harassment for more than 12 months. However, both have made themselves so stable to face an extreme level of challenges. Steve Smith has done this exceptionally well and gave an unbelievable stroke to England.

With his high profile performance, he has shut down the voices of the English crowd. He made his benchmark right from the first Ashes Test. He has made a record of a double century in two innings in Birmingham. Then made a spectacular 92 at the Lord’s. Even though he missed out playing the third Test, he came back stronger than ever in the fourth.

Now, looking at Steve Smith, the people who once tried to criticized him have no other option but to give him a standing ovation now. The International Cricket Council (ICC) taking it as an opportunity went out mocking the English fans.

They went on to tweet the definition of the word ‘Karma’ with the addition of a picture of a fan who wore the mask of Steve Smith crying while addressing the media last year.

“karma [noun] kar·ma | \ ˈkär-mə also ˈkər- \ Definition of karma often capitalized: the force generated by a person’s actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person’s next existence,” – ICC tweeted.

In just five innings, Steve Smith smashed 671 runs at an average of 134.20. With these heroics, he has now taken his Test average to a mind-blowing 64.81. With two more innings left out in this series, will definitely take him closer to Sir Don Bradman’s record of most runs in an Ashes series.

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