Anushka Chops Virat Kohli’s Hair With Kitchen Scissors


Virat Kohli who is under home quarantine, along with his wife Anushka Sharma in the wake of COVID 19 infection, has been the talk of the town and social media sensation ever since the lockdown period has been declared.

Lately, the duo has been spotted on various social media platforms for spreading awareness on COVID 19 and urging the take 21 days lock period seriously.

The lockdown has left the cricket players and other professionals with the much need gap which the individuals have been longing for long now. Apart from helping the players to introspect about their careers, and do the needful to rejuvenate themselves, it has helped them to discover their respective creative sides.

While some Cricketers were posting funny videos that they have shot with their family members on their respective Twitter handles, on the other hand, some Cricketers posted their pictures while exploring their hobbies.

This has certainly been a great source of entertainment and amusement for the Cricketing fans.

Meet Virat Kohli’s New Hair Stylist – Anushka Sharma:

On Saturday the Bollywood actress and Virat Kohli’s wife took on to her official handle of Instagram to post the video where she has seen Virat’s hair with kitchen scissors.

This was nothing less than sharing a light moment with their fans, to ensure they do not lose spirits during the lockdown period.

The video had more than nine lakh likes and more 15 lakh views. The post on Anushka’s handle was titled ‘Meantime in quarantine.’

Awareness Videos Shot By Virat Kohli And Anushka:

Apart from the above video, the couple had also shot an awareness on Friday where they urged the people to follow the lockdown seriously for 21 days and was posted on the official handle of Virat Kohli on Twitter.

The video came in as a result when videos made being viral where people were spotted moving around freely and not obeying the home quarantine orders.

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