‘He Can Play Next 10 Years’ Anshuman Backs Kohli To Surpass Sachin’s Records

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Former Indian coach, Anshuman Gaekwad Backs Kohli To Surpass Sachin’s Records of 200 Tests. Gaekwad believes Kohli can play international cricket for the next decade, exceeding Tendulkar’s milestone. The Indian batsman is 33 years old and just contested his 100th Test match in Mohali versus Sri Lanka.

Virat Kohli is among the most well-known all-round batsmen of this era. He has consistently made runs for India and it has been found to be similar to Sachin Tendulkar on several occasions. Analysts have frequently compared the career pathways of 2 Indian cricketers, one retired and the other active. Kohli is the only Indian player, and perhaps the only cricketer forever, who is seen to be capable of approaching to break Tendulkar’s batting records in international cricket.

Kohli is fit, nobody can touch him: Anshuman Gaekwad

“It is a great achievement to play 100 Test matches and still keep going the way he has. The big difference is the experience he has gained by playing in 100 Test matches. As long as he is fit, nobody can touch him”, said Anshuman Gaekwad.

“He is so conscious of his fitness that I won’t be surprised if he goes to 200 because of the kind of series of matches they are playing, the frequency is so high that it is a question of another seven or eight years, and he will land up close to 200. Am sure he will be fit and play for the next 10 years, the way he is going,” he added.

The 33-year-old is often regarded as the finest hitter of his generation. As a reason, spectators are continuously debating whether Virat Kohli or Tendulkar is the better player. In terms of his 50-over stint, Kohli is just 6 ODI centuries less than Tendulkar’s total of 49 hundreds, and he would like to break this number and at the very best reach the 50th hundred record.

“It is going to be a big advantage for Indian cricket. Kohli is not only performing and leading from the front but also the amount of experience he has gained as a player, as a captain, is a big thing. He has shown the world that there is no going back. He doesn’t want to accept defeat. His thoughts have been very positive, he never gives up until the end”, Gaekwad said.

“His attitude, his personality, his actions on the field show that he is not a guy who is going to give up, and he is one to fight it out till the end. That is what he has shown the world. The boys have been in and out, new boys have come in, and he has performed and has shown the world that everything is possible, not only in India but also outside,” Gaekwad concluded.

However, the 2nd Test Match between India and Sri Lanka will begin on March 12 in Bengaluru. Furthermore,  BCCI permitted 50% of the crowd to witness the five-day test match.

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