An astonishing boundary catch that even confused cricket laws

An astonishing boundary catch that even confused cricket laws
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The cricket fans at Brisbane’s stadium witnessed an astonishing two-man catch by Mett Renshaw and Tom Banton to dismiss Hobart player Matthew Wade in a T20 match. This catch was such that cricket laws too had no answer to it.

Hobart got a chance to bat first and scored 98 for five from 14.4 overs where captain’s knock by Wade played a major role. At 61, towards the long-on boundary, he lifted the ball.

Brisbane‘s Matt Renshaw was fielding just inside the ropes, then jumped over and warded off the ball into the air as he fell backward.

After that, he landed on to the field and to jump again to push the falling ball back over to Tom Banton who was running from mid-wicket. Banton held onto it. 

The third umpire after a long video review decided to rule Wade out. Meanwhile, the batsman had already walked off the field.

To a match broadcaster Channel 7, Wade said that he had no idea about the rule. “Once he hit outside the field of play, I didn’t know if he was allowed to touch the ball or not. The umpire said that he was and once they told me he was allowed to go outside the field of play and tap it back in, I knew I was out,” stated the player.

In 2017, laws were updated.  According to the law pertaining to the catch, if a player steps over the boundary after the ball is hit and then catches the ball in mid-air and jumps back into the playing field then it would be considered as a catch.


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