Adam Zampa Reveals That There Is a ‘Big’ Beer Lover in RCB’s Squad


    28-year-old Australian spinner Adam Zampa recently spilled some insights about his IPL side Royal Challengers Bangalore. Albeit, Zampa remained unused for the most part of the tournament, the leg-spinner was in the RCB squad throughout the Dream11 IPL 2020 season. Adam Zampa, in an interview with The Unplayable Podcast, talked about the RCB’s superstar duo AB de Villers and Virat Kohli.

    Zampa says that ABD is a “Beerologist”

    Zampa opened up about ABD and Kohli’s nature off the pitch. Zampa revealed that the former South African ace is an absolute character in the dressing room. The Australian added that Mr. 360 loves beer more than anyone. According to Zampa, ABD has a perfect sense of what he needs to do to get the best out of himself.

    Zampa finds Kohli a very chilled out person

    While talking about Virat Kohli, Zampa stated that the Indian skipper is a mirror image of his own-self off the pitch. Zampa revealed that unlike his aggressive behavior on the pitch, the 32-year-old legend is very calm in the dressing room. Zampa called Virat Kohli one of the most “chilled-out” players in RCB’s squad.

    Virat Kohli Can Laugh At Any Joke, Reveals Zampa

    Zampa added that there are two versions of Virat Kohli. According to the Australian, the player is a beast on the pitch but a very lovely person outside the game. The spinner revealed that Virat Kohli is an extremely jolly human who easily laughs at any joke. The 28-year-old later added that anyone can say worst of the jokes and they will find Virat Kohli laughs his guts out.

    Here’s a recap of RCB’s Dream11 2020 season for you

    RCB lost to SRH in the qualifiers of Dream11 IPL 2020 after managing to make it to the playoffs of the latest season.


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