I am the voice of stumps and bails. My story in my own words is here for you.

I am proud to make it till here and sure that you guys will enjoy the gaming experience that I am gonna give you all . Isn’t it super fun to entertain people across the globe. Yayy! I am a lucky one.

I have evolved from the thought of giving you best possible cricket league gaming experience. My inspiration is Cricket. I will let you create your own league with the players whom you want to be involved in your teams and you can bid them just like the real time cricket league.

The perks of choosing me are that, you can always pick the player you want with the facts, stats and performance details of the player that I give you to make informed decision.


      1.Your dream team is possible with your favorite players.
      2.Player stats allows you to analyze, pick among the best players.
      3.Owning a league/ owning a team at a time is possible.
      4.You can play for free.
      5.All your friends can be a part of the league you create.
      6.Own and name league, add players as per your wish.
      7.Players can be shuffled based on performance.
That’s all about me. Sit back and enjoy the game
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