A Video Of Elephant Paying Cricket Went Viral- Sehwag and Michael Vaughan react to it


Recently there was a 30 seconds video on Twitter, where an elephant was seen playing cricket with a group of men. Few netizens have had a different opinion but most of the users have enjoyed it.

An account named Gannuprem has posted this video which has got over 6 lakh views in just a short span. In the video clip, an elephant was seen holding a bat with its trunk and played cricket with a group of men. They mentioned a caption stating – “Have you seen an elephant playing cricket? Well, he is better than many international players,”

Here is the Viral Elephant Video:

Former England Captain has shared this video on his Twitter handle and said – “Surely the Elephant has an English passport!!,”.

Even Virender Sehwag has shared this video on his Instagram handle which has hit over 1 million views and said- “Inside out over covers. Trunk eye coordination peak. Classic from #Gannu #cricket #incredible,”.

This video has grabbed a lot of attention and went to collect thousand of likes and retweets from the users and most of the user has praised the elephant’s skull and said in the comment section ” How Cute”.

Others said, “Elephants don’t naturally do stunts. This is sad, it’s not entertaining.” Another comment reads, “People don’t realize how animals come to be in this situation.”

This is how Twitterati’s reacted to the Viral Video :


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