A Sad Story Of First-Class Cricketer Fazal Subhan – Fans Slam PCB

A Sad Story Of First-Class Cricketer Fazal Subhan - Fans Slam PCB
A Sad Story Of First-Class Cricketer Fazal Subhan - Fans Slam PCB
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A sad story of a Pakistani player came out into the open. It revealed the first-class cricketer Fazal Subhan’s struggles after the abolishment of departmental cricket in the South Asian country.

Subhan, who once played for the Pakistan U-19 side, now drives a mini pickup truck to earn a living. His story was shared by a Pakistani journalist which went viral on social media.
After the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) retracted departmental cricket in the country, many local domestic cricketers like Subhan are currently struggling to make ends meet. This decision of PCB was met with criticism from all quarters.

However, the PCB is yet to come out with a proper plan to help out the local cricketers who are suffering to make a survival after losing their contracts.

In the video, Subhan narrated his struggles and revealed why he now needs to drive a mini pickup truck to sustain his family and said that several cricketers like him are struggling to make a living.

“I worked so hard to play for Pakistan. During departmental cricket, we were drawing a salary of Rs 100,000 but since the departments have shut down we are down to Rs 30,000-35,000, which is not enough to survive. I am grateful that at least I have this job right now because the way things are, who knows if I would even have this tomorrow. We have no choice; we have to do something for our children,” – Subhan told the reporter.

“Yes, I drive this (pickup) for bhara (fare). This is seasonal work. Some days there is a lot of work, and sometimes there is nothing for 10 days,” – he added.

The video was shared by Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Hafeez on Twitter, slamming the PCB for their new rules because of which thousands of cricketers have been rendered unemployed.

Fans on Twitter also reacted angrily to the video and expressed their sympathy with Subhan.

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