5 Most Handsome International Cricketers Currently

Who Is The Most Handsome Cricketer In The World?
5 most good looking cricketers currently

Cricket has fast evolved into becoming a form of entertainment. Cricketers are now looked at as popular cultural icons. They are huge brands that are bigger than even movie stars at times. Their brand value is huge. A lot goes behind them being the faces that they are. Their personality is carefully developed to draw attention. Few of the cricketers are drop-dead handsome. While others have upped their game to achieve the right look. let’s look at Who Is The Most Handsome Cricketer In The World?

Who Is The Most Handsome Cricketer In The World?

#5 Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell is one of the most talented batsmen in the game. He is a free spirit who can change the complexion of the game in a matter of a few overs. Maxwell sets the stage on fire with lust blows. His strike rate in excess of 100 in ODIs signifies that. Maxwell is an entertainer and he lives up to that tag almost always. His good looks add to his overall package. Maxwell could have easily been an actor if not a cricketer.

#4 KL Rahul

KL Rahul is a man who stays in the news despite him not getting a consistent run with the Indian team. He leads Punjab Kings in the IPL. Rahul is easily the face of the team. His charismatic looks go a long way in establishing his presence. Rahul is a solid looker who draws in a lot of female attention. His social media game is on point too that is carefully built around his boyish charm.

#3 Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins is one of the most honest tries in world cricket. He is arguably one of the best athletes in world cricket currently. Cummins runs hard day in and day out to deliver for his team. He has been Australia’s stand-out player for quite some time now. Cummins along with Ravichandran Ashwin are probably the game’s two best Test bowlers currently. His alpha male looks beautifully contrasts his workmanlike spirit. Cummins resembles Henry Cavill quite closely. No doubt that Cummins is no lesser than a superman.

#2 Faf du Plessis 

Faf du Plessis is easily one of the best-looking cricketers. His fitness and physique are a visual delight. Plessis is a strong voice in international cricket. He is a highly respected player across the world. His tendency to take off his T-shirt at the drop of a hat is a part of cricket folklore. Faf is arguably the best lookers in the game.

#1 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was a chubby kid when he led India to U-19 World Cup glory in 2008. He has continued improving on his looks ever since. But it was in 2012 when Kohli completely transformed himself. He became a fitness freak and an enforcer of sorts. Kohli since then has been a totally different beast. He is easily the most popular cricketing superstar in the world. His chiseled looks add a totally different dimension to his personality. He is the most handsome active cricketer.

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