5 Controversial Moments Between India vs England Test Series

5 Most Controversial Moments
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It might not match up to the Ashes or the India-Pakistan rivalry, but India and England have fierce undercurrents between them. They are two of the biggest powerhouses in the game. England Cricket Board was head and shoulders above any country when it came to generating revenue from the sport. But India’s emergence as a financial superpower in the twenty-first century changed the applecart. These two nations slowly started feeling the heat when it came to on-field performances. Here We look at the 5 most controversial moments between them.

We Look At The Top 5 Most Controversial Moments Between These Two Sides:

#5 Virat Kohli – James Anderson

It will possibly be for the one final time in 2022 when these two titans will face off against each other. Virat Kohli and James Anderson have had a colorful history right since 2014. Anderson had the better of Kohli in 2014 in England. Kohli dominated when England visited India in 2016. It was a battle of attrition in 2018 when Anderson failed to dismiss Kohli even once. There has been a lot of verbal exchange between the two. Anderson called Kohli a flat-track bully. Kohli once called Anderson to resort to old tricks in 2021. There is no love lost between the two.

#4 Yuvraj Singh – Andrew Flintoff 

India was in a strong position at the end of the 18th over against England in T20 World Cup in 2007. It was a must-win game for India. Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni were looking for quick runs at the death. It was at this stage that Andrew Flintoff provoked Singh. This got Yuvraj really worked up. He vented out all anger against Stuart Broad. Yuvraj collected 36 runs off Broad’s over. It was Singh who proved to be the king that night! Flintoff’s provocation in a manner sparked what eventually is now known as the IPL.

#3 Nasser Hussain – Ravi Shastri 

It was one exchange that happened beyond the field. Nasser Hussain was critical of India’s abject performance in the 4-match Test series in 2011. This did not go down well with Ravi Shastri. He subtly hinted that Hussain and other English commentators might be jealous of India and the IPL. Hussain took offense to this statement. He asked the broadcasters to have a one-on-one with Shastri. The duo fired bullets at each other in an episode that was aired live. 

#2 Sourav Ganguly – Andrew Flintoff

India was leading the 6-match ODI series, 3-1 in 2001-02 with two matches to go. England won the fifth game and stood a chance to level the series in the final game. India had the game well within its grasp to win the series in the last match. But a stunning batting collapse triggered India’s defeat. Andrew Flintoff who picked up the last wicket went on a celebratory run. He removed his T-shirt in jubilation. This gesture wasn’t appreciated by the Indian contingent. 

In what was almost a karmic response, Sourav Ganguly, the then Indian captain served up a mighty response. India chased down a huge score of 326 in the Natwest Finals at Lords. Ganguly standing on the famous Lords balcony removed his shirt in response to Flintoff’s earlier act. Dada lorded over Lords on that eventful day!

#1 Jasprit Bumrah – James Anderson

It has to be a coincidence that Lords has been the venue for such moments. This one featuring Jasprit Bumrah and James Anderson has to take the cake. Bumrah bowled a 11-balls over to Anderson on the third day of the Lord’s Test. The veteran didn’t take the short-pitched bowling too kindly. He had the choicest of words to say to Bumrah on their way back to the pavilion. It didn’t just stop there. 

The whole England team had a go at Bumrah when he came to bat in the second innings. Indian team cheered every run that Bumrah scored. Kohli beautifully used all the pumped-up energy to get under the skin of English batsmen in the fourth innings. India won one of the greatest Test matches ever played at Lords. It was once again the Indian captain who had the last laugh at this iconic venue.

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