5 Major Reasons Behind England’s Loss Against West Indies In 1st Test

5 major mistakes of England in the 1st Test match against West Indies
5 major mistakes of England in the 1st Test match against West Indies | StumpsandBails

The 1st Test match between England and West Indies finished on 12 the July 2020 and West Indies won the match by 4 wickets. Most people have been surprised by seeing the way West Indies performed in the 1st Test match of the three-match series.

In any condition, where the fast bowlers can get any kind of advantage, the West Indies team will always able to get the benefits out of it and be a potent force due to the quality that they have received in the fast bowling department. But a more surprising thing was the performance of the England team in their home condition.

Find out 5 major mistakes of England in the 1st Test match against West Indies.

1. Absence Of Stuart broad

The team England made a big mistake to play without Stuart Broad although the veteran has the extraordinary records at home. In the last 8 years, it was the first time when Stuart Broad was not included in the playing XI and his absence has made lots of damages to the team.

2. Too Many Drop catches

England is a side that is top in the fielding and catching department. But in this Test, the story became just the opposite. In the first and 2nd innings of the game, they have missed lots of run out and a few  DRS reviews, which went against them. Apart from that, they have dropped some crucial catches of the game.

3. No Proper Partnership

Partnership plays a crucial role in any format of the game, especially in Test cricket. And team England failed to build any long-term partnerships in between the wickets.

4. 1st innings

In any test match, 1st innings adds up to the momentum of the game and it plays a very important role in a 5-day test match. But in this case, team England failed to give a competitive 1st innings score to the opponent.

5. Inexperienced batting line up

England team was desperately missing their skipper Joe Root because he is one of the senior and well-experienced players in red-ball cricket. Joe Denly failed to perform and even Jos Butler disappointed with his batting display. In fact, he has not scored a single half-century in his last 21 innings.


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