5 Least Loved Overseas Cricketers In India

5 Overseas Cricketers Who Are Mostly Disliked In India
5 overseas whom Indian fans dont know love

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has brought the cricketing world closer. Players no longer carry the same animosity with them. The duels are few and far between. Even the fans who constitute such a big part of the game fall in love with players across boundaries. They shower unconditional love on their favourite players. AB de Villiers, Dwayne Bravo, and Chris Gayle are few players that receive a lot more love in India as compared to their home countries. But there are few players who aren’t exactly fan favourites. The Indian audience doesn’t shower these select few cricketers with much love. Lets look at 5 Overseas Cricketers Who Are Mostly Disliked In India.

5 Overseas Cricketers Who Are Mostly Disliked In India

#5 Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad had a strange rivalry with India. He always used to bring in his ultra-aggressive mode while playing against India. His last-ball six against Chetan Sharma is etched in the memories of Indian fans. Miandad infamously mimicked Kiran More’s appealing style. His hyper-aggressive on-field antics while playing against India made him Indian fans’ enemy number 1.

#4 Greg Chappell

Greg Chappell was appointed as India’s head coach in 2005 on Sourav Ganguly’s recommendation. It was expected that Chappell would form a great team with Ganguly. But Chappell plotted a smear campaign against Ganguly. He leaked a confidential letter to the media. This did not go down well with Ganguly. Chappell eventually ensured that Ganguly was sacked from the team. This earned him the wrath of Indian fans.

#3 Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi is a Pakistani Demi-God. Pakistani fans around the world hero-worship him. According to them, Afridi can do no wrong. Afridi often plays to the gallery and is fondly called boom-boom. Afridi’s persona is colourful. His fans love him for this. But he often finds himself caught on the wrong foot when he unnecessarily talks about politics. He at times mixes the sport with border tensions and this facet doesn’t go well with passionate Indian fans.

#2 Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff is surely one of the most celebrated all-rounders of the modern game. The big burly Lancashire allrounder was always up for a challenge. Flintoff inspired an entire generation of cricketers with his talent and charisma. But Flintoff rubbed the Indian audience in a wrong way. He removed his t-shirt in jubilation at the Wankhede in Mumbai after bowling India out in a nail-biter. The over-the-top celebrations didn’t sit well with the Indian fans. They were deliriously happy when Ganguly retorted at Lords with his t-shirt waving celebration.

#1 Mushfiqur Rahim

Mushfiqur Rahim might probably be the only player to have been rejected 14 times in the IPL Auctions. There is a certain history to this as well. Rahim is one of the most feisty Bangladeshi players. He doesn’t bow down in a bout. But at times he takes this well beyond a point. The needless in-your-face celebration against Hardik Pandya is a classic example.

He triggered an entire Indian population when he celebrated early in the World Cup game against India. His antics didn’t just end there. Post-Bangladesh’s defeat and eventual exit, he posted a tweet celebrating India’s loss in the semi-final. This was in bad taste and Indian fans could never really accept Mushfiqur Rahim post that.

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