5 Heated On-Field Exchanges In 2021

5 heated on-field exchanges in 2021
5 heated on-field exchanges in 2021

The cricketing intensity was back in full force in 2021. The T20 World Cup 2021 was a fine example of that. Teams gave their absolute everything in the quest to win the World Cup. WTC was another incentive that kept the fire burning among cricketing teams.

This at times also led to heated on-field exchanges. Players had a go at each other. They treaded on the line of caution often but at times things did seem to go out of hand. It didn’t make for pleasant viewing.

We look at 5 such heated on-field exchanges that happened in 2021:

#5 Kieron Pollard-Prasidh Krishna

Kieron Pollard is someone who loves to have a go at the opponents. He often gets involved in unnecessary altercations. During a league game against KKR, he got a taste of his own medicine. KKR bowler Prasidh Krishna playacted to throw back the ball to Pollard in a way to intimidate him. This didn’t go down well with Pollard. He kept having a go at the youngster. Words kept flying every over until the innings ended.

#4 James Anderson-Virat Kohli

James Anderson and Virat Kohli have great history between them. There is no love lost between the two legends. During the 2nd Test at Lords, Kohli noticed Anderson running on the pitch. He immediately brought this to the umpire’s notice. To which Anderson replied something. But the stump mic caught Kohli’s reply. He was heard saying, “You swearing at me again, are you? This isn’t your fu**ing backyard.” Kohli had a go again at him saying, “Chirp, chirp, chirp. This is what old age makes you.”

#3 Liton Das-Lahiru Kumara

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have had a fair share of rivalry over the years. The bitter part of the rivalry was in full force in a World Cup league game. Bangladesh’s batting pair, Liton Das and M Naim had given their team a good start with the bat. Lankan bowler, Lahiru Kumara was hurting after not getting early wickets. 

Tempers flared when Kumara threw the ball back straight to the batter pushing him back to the crease. The ball missed the helmet and left Liton Das frustrated. Kumara later dismissed Das. Words were immediately exchanged and physical contact was just abetted at the right moment.

#2 Eoin Morgan-Ravichandran Ashwin

Eoin Morgan is regarded as one of the coolest cricketers. But in a rare instance, he was also lost his famed cool persona. He was involved in an altercation with Ravichandran Ashwin during an IPL game.

Morgan was miffed with Ashwin running on a deflected overthrow. Ashwin didn’t take kindly to Morgan’s words. He dismissed Morgan no sooner than he walked back into bat. At the end of the game, Morgan again had a go at Ashwin. The duel continued on Twitter too.

#1 Jos Buttler-Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah’s short-ball barrage to James Anderson had rattled not just the veteran but the entire England team too. It was on expected lines when the English had a go at Jasprit Bumrah when he walked into bat. They resorted to short-ball ploy without any success. This rankled them further.

Jos Buttler got into Bumrah’s ears. But Bumrah didn’t take anything lying down. He put on a stellar defiance stand along with Shami. Bumrah later played a key role in India’s historic win at Lords.

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