Ugly Dispute Between The Players Of India And Bangladesh

3 Bangladesh and 2 India Players Are Sanctioned By ICC
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Dispute Between The Teams

Bangladesh won the 2020 U-19 World Cup against India by three wickets on Sunday in Potchefstroom. They won the game by the Duckworth-Lewis method as rain hit the final. But the match ended in a disputed manner.

Both Bangladesh and Indian Players had seen engaging in an ugly words-exchange and some even seen pushing and bumping each other on the field. And after that, there were moments of tension between the players at several points during the match.

The clear details of this dispute are yet to come out, and ICC is intended to take the issue seriously. But now they are waiting for a full update from Graeme Labrooy who was the match referee.

Skipper’s Statements On The Dispute

In the post-match press conference, Bangladesh skipper Akbar Ali who led his team to win against India with an unbeaten score of 43 regretted the incident. He said whatever happened was not right and should not be happened.

In the final, emotion can emerge out, and sometimes the players were getting pumped. But it shouldn’t happen as a youngster, he added. According to him, whatever may be the situation or position, players should show respect to the opponent, and also have respect for the game.

India captain Priyam Garg was clear that the Bangladesh players were responsible for this dispute. He said that his team was taking the game with ease. Winning or losing is part and parcel of the game but the reaction of Bangladesh players was dirty.

Battle Between Fans

From the beginning, the two teams were having problems with each other. The fans from both the sides were also had constant battles with each other during the match.

A few bottles were also thrown from the stands as well. It seems that for now in terms of intensity, the Bangladesh vs India rivalry has crossed the rivalry of India vs Pakistan.


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