Mohammad Kaif Uses Cricket Analogy To Bring Corona Awareness

Mohammad Kaif Uses Cricket Analogy To Bring Corona Awareness
Mohammad Kaif Uses Cricket Analogy To Bring Corona Awareness

Mohammad Kaif: “Spread The Field Get Coronavirus Catch Out At The Ropes”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the country lock-down and urged the people of the country to follow social distancing by not being too closed and maintaining physical distance from others to fight the corona threat.

Former cricketer Mohammad Kaif has also asked people to follow the practice of social distancing. He welcomed the 21-day lock-down suggestion of the prime minister.

On his Twitter, the middle-order batsman wrote, “Fully support the government’s decision to impose the #CoronavirusLockdown. Stop the virus from scoring big. Be your own captain! Spread the field. Practice Social Distancing and remember our PM’s advice.”

He posted a video under the tweet. In it, he used cricket analogy to tell how to overcome the corona crisis. He said, “Friends I’ll explain the current situation in cricket terminology. It is trying to play a big shot and you have to spread the field and send the close-in fielders near to the fence. That is how it gets out by being caught at the ropes.”

He meant to emphasize the importance of social distancing by saying spreading the field. He also appealed people to wash hands regularly and these are the ways to stop getting infected by the virus.

Kaif is known for his brilliant fielding skills in the field. His historic partnership with Yuvraj Singh in 2002 Natwest series final against England was mentioned by Narendra Modi in his tweet where he called for the fight against the dangerous virus.

“Social Distancing Need Of The Hour”

Several other cricket players like Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin have supported the lock-down and appealed people to follow the government orders and stay at home and practice social distancing.

Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri also described the practice of social distancing, the need of the hour. India has now reported above 600 positive corona cases. 10 people have succumbed to the virus until now.


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