Indian Cricket Team To Follow Customized Work Out Routine During Lockdown

Indian Cricket Team To Follow Customized Work Out Routine During Lockdown
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Amidst the Indian cricketers spending quality time with their respective families during the pandemic induced lockdown, the players have been handed customized work out routines. These routines would help the players to keep in shape while being away from the field.

The chart was prepared by health and conditioning coach Nick Webb and Physio Nitin Patel. They wanted the players not to deflate from their health, form, and shape.

Sources close to the management of the Indian team revealed, that Webb and Patel have made charts for each of the players in the team. The charts were prepared to keep in mind the health and physical needs of the players. The chart was handed over to the management and then to the players.

Bowlers have been given exercises pertaining to the core and lower body and batsmen were given exercises for shoulder and wrists. “Kohli is very particular about maintaining his weight. So, he is basically free doing free hand exercises” added the source.

Lockdown Period Leaves IPL 2020 Organizers In Uncertainty:

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared nationwide lockdown for three weeks (21 days), there have been rumors around the corner that IPL 2020 tournament might get canceled.

Earlier the IPL was scheduled to start from 29th March, was suspended till 15th April in the wake of the spread of Coronavirus infection. BCCI authorities are keeping tight-lipped about the tournament and have said, that they would think about the tournament after the lockdown period ends. But speculations are there, that after the lockdown period ends there still will be a lot of restrictions amidst which the conducting of IPL 2020 tournament would be next to impossible.

In the meantime, the owner of King’s eleven Punjab Ness Wadia has stated that it was better to suspend the game for time being in wake of the pandemic scare. Being the organizers of the game, it is important that one gets on the field with a bigger role, added Wadia.


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