India Won The Match By 10 Wickets: India U19 vs Pakistan U19

Dream11 Prediction For India U19 Vs Bangladesh U19
Dream11 Prediction For India U19 Vs Bangladesh U19

Karthik Tyagi Produces Perfect Bowling In India vs Pakistan U19

In India vs Pakistan semi-final match, many unexpected situations held and it took the entire show into one side. In the climax, the match ended with India violently dominating their neighbors and register a 10-wicket win. The Indian team is far higher level on the matchday.

The Indian U19 team faced and won all the critical moments. Some of which the Pakistan team was never truly imagining in the game at any stage. One of the moments is Karthik Tyagi’s amazing yorker to Irfan Khan that would ultimately dismiss him.

In the Pakistani Innings of 37th over, Karthik Tyagi was demanded with bowling for continuing India’s good show with the ball. At that time Pakistan team was already under pressure because of the loss of 5 wickets. Karthik Tyagi’s job was not letting them off the catch. He quickly attacked by bowling with an amazing yorker, that ball went directly to the Irfan Khan’s bat and collapsed his stumps.

India Violently Dominated In The Match With Pakistan:

With 172 runs Pakistan finished their innings. The score is easy to reach for India. At the beginning of Indian Innings Pakistan looked scary. But, once the Indian players Divyansh Saxena and Yashavi Jaiswal stepped in the crease and settled then they became immovable.

Both the players reached the target in the 36th over without any loss of wickets. Divyansh Saxena scored 59 runs in 99 balls. Yashavi Jaiswal scored his first century and the overall score is 105 runs with strike-rate 92.92. Yashavi century led the team to direct finals of the U19 World Cup.

Now the Indian team is just one step away from World Cup Honor. The Indian U19 team will play with either New Zealand or Bangladesh. The final match is going to be held on 9th February.


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