Harbhajan Singh Lauds Shahid Afridi For Helping The Underprivileged

Harbhajan Singh Lauds Shahid Afridi For Helping The Underprivileged
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People are somewhat worried as coronavirus transmission spreads at a much higher rate. Human life is at risk, and the most affected are poor people. Now, former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi has taken a substantial step back from the cricket fraternity.

Coronavirus has taken many lives worldwide. This is a significant reason for governments to implement lockdown in their countries. Health officials have requested that everyone stay at their home until the situation is under control. Also, they urged people not to go out in social gatherings and maintain social distance from their friends and relatives.

Shahid Afridi hailed from Hahabhajan Singh

Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is busy helping the poor in such difficult situations. For the past few days, the Shahid Afridi Foundation has been sharing some glimpses of the launch of the iconic all-rounder in 2014. He turned his entire hospital into a quarantine center.

The Foundation provides ration to the country’s poor and underprivileged. According to reports, SAF has contributed to rationing about 2000 families so far. Recently, Shahid Afridi took to his Twitter handle and shared the same.

He also gave a heartfelt headline to his post, “Day 3 of Serving the Poor: A Sheet with Advice on Disinfection Soap, Substance, Food and Preventive Measures to Prevent Contraction and Prevention of # Coronavirus. To stay at home. Let’s pull together and serve others #DonateKaroNa #HopeNotOut. “

Afridi accepted Harbhajan Singh‘s gratitude for this. And replied, “Humanity is more prominent than anything! Thank you, Bhajji, for your kind words. The world needs to unite, and it is our collective responsibility to help the poor and needy in every way possible in the global fight against # COVID2019.

Soon, the famous Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh praised Shahid Afridi for helping his countrymen. He took to his official Twitter handle and said, “Great work for humanity.


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