Franchises Are cautious Of An All-Star game Just Before IPL

Franchises Are cautious Of An All-Star game Just Before IPL
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Sourav Ganguly, the BCCI president announced that An All-Star game will be starting ahead of the 13th edition of IPL 2020. All the players are divided into eight franchises and form as two teams. All the franchises themselves are not enthusiastic to share their team details just before the tournament.

There are some commercial and cricket reasons involved for the franchises to say ‘no’ to an All-Star game before the tournament. “Commercially, we do not agree if players don’t wear our jersey (regardless of an All-Star game)”, a franchise owner said.

Another Franchise says “sharing players for All-Star game, just a week before to start the tournament doesn’t make sense. There will be some risky injuries are involved. A player should pass up on team bonding exercises and travel substantially more. There’s only that much time for players who arrive from all over the world and get to bond with each other before the start of the tournament. It doesn’t feel like a good thing”.

IPL Schedule Has Not Been Finalized Yet:

By keeping the commercial and other sensitive issues in mind, the Board may conduct the All-Star match after the IPL tournament.

In the last week, the dates for the IPL 2020 have informally announced by Sourav Ganguly from March 29 to May 24. But, the schedule has not finalized yet.

In the last week of March, the Board meeting of the International Cricket Council will be conducted. The BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who has appointed as India’s CEC representative at the ICC, will have to attend for the board meeting. They have to relook at the starting date of the IPL matches.

The Apex Council Meeting Will Be Held In Ahmedabad:

On February 13, the BCCI’s Apex Council meeting will be held in Ahmedabad. There will be a discussion on the agenda of issues concerning the IPL.

“Jay Shah is very clear that the decisions will never be taken without the proper process. If the decision is about new franchises, then tenders will be brought it. If it’s about the All-Star game, again, a tender will be brought it. If recruitments are to be considered, interview processes will be held. Much of all this could be discussed in Apex Council meeting,” say sources


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