Donald Trump To Inaugurate World’s Largest Cricket Staduim

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Trump’s Visit To India

The President of the United States, Donald Trump will visit India on Monday to inaugurate the world’s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad. The stadium has a capacity to hold 110,000 spectators.

This will be the first official visit of Trump to the largest democratic country in the world, India. It will be a two-day visit that also intends to resolve the bond between the United States and India, which was weakened by trade disputes.

Ahmedabad is a significant city of Gujarat and the home town of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Also, Trump is expected to visit Mahatma Gandhi’s abode in Ahmedabad.

Expenses Of The Visit

It is expected that around 800 million-850 million Indian rupees will be spent by the Ahmedabad authorities on the preparations of Trump’s three hours visit to the city. Two government officials have confirmed the plan and gave direct information.

The amount is equal to 1.5% of the annual budget for the home ministry in Gujarat. Security costs will account for almost half the expense as more than 12,000 police officers are expected to be deployed.

Vijay Nehra who is the municipal commissioner of Ahmedabad said that around 300 million rupees had spent already by the authorities on improving infrastructure and widening the roads around the new cricket stadium.

The secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association, Ashok Brahmbhatt said that they would also spend 10 million during the event.

Expected To Visit Taj Mahal

Since Modi became prime minister of India, the leaders of China, Japan, and Israel have visited Ahmedabad. He made his incredible mark as the chief minister of the state before his party (BJP) carried the power in 2014.

Leaves of all the police officers in Agra has been canceled as Trump may also visit the city to see the famous and beautiful Taj Mahal.


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