BCCI To Provide Domestic Cricket Clips For Selectors And Players

BCCI To Provide Domestic Cricket Clips For Selectors And Players
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For every domestic match which is available to selectors and players, the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) makes the footage of it. To make the selection process more strong and to observe the performance of the players this move is carried out.

To get clearer footage the board has installed better quality cameras at the end of bowlers. To the live TV production feed, the footage is different.

” Last season the process had started. For selectors, it is very difficult to check every performance of players and cover all matches. That’s why the board has decided to give the CD of matches to the teams and also stores the footage in its data system.” A top official of BCCI said. ” The idea of handing footage to the teams is to help players so that they can analyze their game individually in a better way. Previously, each team had its own video analyst. But, because of this process, players can get a better shot and clearer pictures of their games.”

BCCI Decides About the Services Of Match Referees

To support five national selectors, the BCCI had decided to use the services of match referees after the affiliation of 10 new state teams.

” For selectors, now the process is simple. Whenever they heard of strong performance, easily they can access the footage of the player’s inning or bowling spell to reach on a correct decision. If any kind of information feeds by the match referee of any player, their performances can be easily checked by the selector,” the official said.

On this idea, a few states had worked to store the footage in a data system. For example,  the Haryana team had uploaded the footage with scorecards on their website so that by using one-click on the boundary column, one can know how he hit those boundaries.  


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