3 Bangladesh and 2 India Players Are Sanctioned By ICC

3 Bangladesh and 2 India Players Are Sanctioned By ICC
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Ugly End Of The Match

Bangladesh beat India in the U-19 World Cup of 2020 and won it by 3 wickets on Sunday in Potchefstroom. The Bangladesh players charged onto the field to celebrate their significant victory after they defeated India in the game.

But the match was put to an end in an ugly manner. Players of both Bangladesh and India team engaged in an ugly words-exchange and also pushing and bumping each other on the field. Later, the umpires were forced to step in and calm the players.

ICC Disappointed From The Players

Five players from the two teams have been accused by the International Cricket Council after this ugly dispute between the players of both the team. The General Manager Of ICC, Geoff Allardice said that such disappointing behavior of players has no space in the sport.

Respect is the very essential quality in cricket, and showing self-discipline, congratulating the opponents on their victory and enjoying their team’s success are expected from the players, he added.

5 Players Sanctioned By ICC

Towhid Hridoy, Shamim Hossain and Rakibul Hasan from Bangladesh got 6 demerit points each for their violation of Article 2.21 of the ICC Code of Conduct. And from India, Akash Singh and Ravi Bishnoi were charged with 5 demerit points.

Bishnoi, who took a 4-wicket haul in the final and was the highest wicket-taker in the U19 World Cup received an additional charge. He got 2 more demerit points for violating Article 2.5. He was found guilty for using language, actions or gestures which could provoke an aggressive reaction from a person.

All five players have accepted their penalty given by match referee Graeme Labrooy of ICC U19 Cricket World Cup. And this penalty of suspension points will be applied in the upcoming international matches in which the players will participate, either senior or U19 cricket.


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